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Başlık : Art and Immigration
Yazar : Yasemin TUR
Maria Giovanna ROMANIELLO
Yayın Tarihi :15.10.2023
[e-Kitap #71699]

This book was prepared within the scope of the project “Effective use of Music, Art and Literature Therapy for immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals” in partnership with Turkey, the Netherlands, Italy and Norway.First of all, the phenomenon of migration, the problems created by the phenomenon of migration are discussed and analyses with case studies are included. In this context, findings have been reached that the most important psychological factors created by migration should be eliminated for social cohesion. Music, Literature and Art Therapy have been applied as a method, and the suitability and results have been supported by detailed studies. In the continuation of the book, the method applied is taken into a general framework and all studies are referred to as Arts Therapy.This book is produced within the scope of ERASMUS+Programme by the financial support of the European Union. The contents of this book are the sole responsibility of EMALT TEAM and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.”